2048 Solitaire

2048 Solitaire

2048 solitaire game consists of 4 columns. There are two cards in the bottom. We place these cards in 4 columns, one at a time. Our goal is to double the figures by putting the same figures on top of each other. If we reach the number 2048 the column is empty as all the cards disappear. In this way, we open our space to place new cards.

The dashed line at the bottom of the screen is our boundary. We are not allowed to place cards on the bottom of this line. The game consists of sections in itself. These sections look like ribbons at the top of the screen. When the strip is complete, you complete the section and gain sledgehammer and card replacement features. These features appear at the bottom of the screen. If you complete the section before the end of the time, you get new features. The features you've earned seem to be on the bottom.

Sometimes color papers come. Place the digits on these sheets in the columns. When you place the same number of paper appearing on the paper, you gain feature. If the paper comes out of the number, it will double the number when you place it on any column. Play the 2048 solitaire game by placing the papers forever.

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