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About is the original .io game that starts io games madness. You start and play as small as a cell. Then you eat other small cells and players to grow. Strategy and fast thinking are the most important features of this game. This game had a simple game mode in previous times, but in time the number of game modes was 4. These game modes are; Everyone is the only game, team game, experience game and party game. This game has servers in many different regions and different people from all parts of the world play this game.

How to Play
In, the membership system is available free of charge to all players. If you are a member you can start the game a little bit bigger, so you can focus more on the game by saving time. In addition to the membership system, the game has the option to collect, win and buy coins. With the coins, you can get the features that will strengthen your character from the market or give you extra options. You don’t have to pay to buy a coin because the game offers players the chance to win a coin with certain tasks. Different types of skins are available in the game and players are free to choose the skin they want. While playing the game, you can see the top 10 players in the room in the leader list. Strategy
To play you must move your mouse and try to eat other players. You can press the space bar to advance half of your audience or use the mek W iler key to share the mass with other players. In this game, try not to get caught in the corner and the advantage of the map walls. Staying away from the large audience will help you protect your score.

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