agma io

agma io

About Agma.i0 is a game of the popular series. This game is unique because during the game you can build alliances to eat each other or hunt for others. The design of the game is similar to the original game and fans of this style will enjoy it. Registered users can save money, buy extras and special skills to fight other players.

How to Play
The main purpose is to be the largest cell on the server. To do this, eat the colored dots on the map and continue to grow by absorbing smaller players. Green spiny circles appearing in different places can divide your cell into some pieces, so try to escape from them.

Use the mouse to move the cell
To spit mass, use W
Use Space Bar to divide the cell into pieces Strategy is a challenging and exciting .io game inspired by the original cell eating game. You control a single cell that you can personalize with various fun skins, and your goal is to multiply, grow and defeat your enemies. The movement of your cell is slow, but you can grow rapidly by collecting colored stones sprinkled on the floor.

You can divide your single cell into smaller units to collect precious stones faster, but this can make it an easy target for your enemies. This .io game features a gaming store and bonus system where you can purchase different skins and enhancements for your cell. You can buy items using the currency you collected during the game. In addition, this game allows you to join a party and work with your friends to take over the arena.

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