alis io

alis io

About is a new generation of super aggressive and improved game. The game has a wonderful personalization chance. You can customize everything you want; All backgrounds, all texts, all squares and most important thing, all leathers. The original game was turned into a fight. You must do your best to win this war. Destroy the enemies to gain mass. This is the only way to be bigger. Many fans of Io games will enjoy this process!

How to Play
The aim of is to grow the largest cell and absorb as much mass as possible. You must absorb colored points on the map and eat other players. There are very few points, so the main way to grow is to destroy the enemies. If your cell is smaller than yours, you can absorb the enemy. You will see the difference in the size of the players visually. Moreover, you will see digital indices of other dimensions.

The cell follows the mouse
W key to shrink the cell
Space Bar key to divide the cell Strategy
There are barbed circles that can interact with your character’s mass index. If your cell is larger than your apartment, do not try to take it. Otherwise, your cell will be divided into dozens of smaller parts. But don’t worry; These parts will be reunited very soon and you will be able to reach their old size. You can be attacked by other players until you reach the old size and you may face the risk of losing their points.

The main clue in is that when your cell is small, it can be a good tactic to stay and wait near a thorny circle. If a larger enemy enters this circle and explodes, you can absorb the parts of your cell. If you’re not sure if you can absorb the enemy after the division, don’t move the enemy by dividing your cell.

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