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Animals and colors

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We are with a great game of intelligence. With animals and colors, you can gain the ability to think fast, strengthen your memory, and even improve your English. The logic of the game is quite simple and it is very easy to play. At the top of the vote is asked the color or the genus of the animal. You should look at the picture that appears in front of you and answer the question correctly. Since the game is designed in English language, we think that we should not give a hint like this. If the upper part says “what coor” it is asked what color it is, if it says “whitch animal” it is asked what animal it is. it’s important to be quick as you need to answer every question in just 9 seconds. It will also be in surprising secrets. For example, they can ask the genus of the yellow-colored animal and write what animal it is in the red-colored box. Be careful. You should answer by looking at the font, not looking at the renaissance.

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