battleboats io

battleboats io

About is an online game played with 10 to 10 players. You have a choice between the ”Red Team“ or ”Blue Team seçim immediately after you enter the game. In the game there are different warships of different strengths and sizes. In the game there are zones and rocks separated by laser sections. How to Play?
Currently there are two different game modes; HQ Destruction and Team Deathmatch.

In Destruction mode, your goal is to bring the great sea mine to the enemy base. To do this, you do not only need to destroy enemy ships with your cannons and torpedoes, but also collect various kinds of crates floating on the surface.

In the Battle of the Two Teams, your goal is to destroy the enemy ships in the opposite team within a certain period of time.

Collect these chests:

Mine Crates: Shine in the color of your team and take the mines you have collected to the enemy base.
Experience Points Boxes: Collect them to improve your ship. The more you develop your ship, the more damage and damage you can get.
Ammunition Chests: Each ball shot and torpedo missile will remove a unit of ammunition from you. Collect ammunition boxes to renew your cannons and torpedoes.
Repair Crates: When your life reaches 0, your ship will be destroyed. Collect repair boxes to repair your ship. Strategy

You control your ship using your mouse or WASD on your keyboard. You can click the button in the right corner or the space bar to activate your special weapon. There are two things to keep in mind to be successful. As long as the war continues, you are reborn after your ship is destroyed. If a rebirth will decrease you 5 levels. Second, you should avoid energy barriers and towers that target you because they can severely damage your ship. What are you waiting for? Come on deck!

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