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About is a quite fun 2-dimensional strategy game. We place you in a random place of the map and your other competitors by placing them in different places on the map and destroying them all. You have a limited space to create an army and you can build 7 different buildings in this area and you can develop them in return for a certain power.

How to Play
As with other strategy games, there are some different tactics that you can adopt. You can learn these by trial and error or by using the chat functions of the game and asking other players. In this completely free strategy game, everyone fights on their own, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t form an alliance with someone on your server. There are 7 different buildings in and you can place them anywhere you want. These buildings consist of walls, generators, houses, small towers, snipers, barracks and blacksmiths. Each one is doing what he mentioned in his description, and it is important to set up a large number of generators when you start the game in order to make your whole process more perfect. Strategy
You can place or remove all buildings on the left button, the WASD keys help you move the camera and the R key resets your camera to the base view. The most important strategy in this game is to build your own region as resistant and powerful against all attacks. You can easily protect yourself from enemies by making wall in the game. You should prevent the enemies from approaching your walls by building your artillery towers behind or behind your walls. In addition, by building a barracks in your own army by attacking enemy fortresses can organize and take a breather in your own defense line.

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