Bonnie and Friends Bollywood

Bonnie and Friends Bollywood

Go on a trip to India this time with Barbie and her friends game. Boolywood, India's cinema city, make Indian girls make Indian dresses and adapt them to the country. Barbie and her friends game consists of 6 parts. In 3 of these sections we make makeup for barbie and friends and we wear clothes for 3 other.

In makeup sections, makeup appears on the bottom of the screen. Using the material here, we paint the eyes of girls, we put lipstick on their lips, we wear artificial eyelashes, we put fondoten on the cheeks and we choose one of the specially prepared hair medeles. The products in each menu are placed on the right and left side of the girls. Just click on the product you like and apply it on girls.

In the cladding section, barbie and her friends complete the game by dressing up in fancy indian dresses, wearing jewelery and choosing bags.

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