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brutalmania io

About (Brutal Mania) is an online gladiator war game where you have to battle other players in the most frightful fight you’ve ever seen. Take over other players and beat them all as the last remaining person and win the game. You may have seen a game with the same features as before, but it seems more cruel than others! How to play?
Your goal in is to dominate the arena and preserve the leadership until you kill someone else. After killing other players you will receive XP (level) score, gold and a little HP (can). At the bottom of the screen you can see the health indicator.

Mouse to move
Left click to attack
Right click to strengthen Strategy
You can buy new skins and weapons from the shop with the gold you bought or won. Weapons give damage to enemies of varying degrees and also have different firing times. In addition to brutal combat, you can have a variety of tactics.

Right-click activates your character’s acceleration and booster, so you can chase and attack the enemy. In addition, you can escape with a booster when someone tries to kill you. Therefore, from time to time, you must fight to be used in any dangerous situation and be sure that you have an adequate riser.

Hit other players with a big mallet and cause chaos that leads to increased destruction. There are many updates for your characters and weapons to become unstoppable on the battlefield. Dominate and destroy them all, then jump into another lobby and do it again! Have fun!

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