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About is an io game where people have been waiting for a long time, and has achieved a great success in the field of online gaming. In the game, you can play as a great monster character and fight against different sized creatures. Also, the place you will have to play is a dark and strange map. Different types of play are available in the game. This game does not have a specific release date and the game is under development for some time. In addition, you should play this game if you think you want to have a comfortable time with your loved ones. How to Play?
Select one of the jelly-figured monsters and enter the 3D battlefield. To collect small points from single and smallest monsters, enter into the fights of other players and try to kill someone. Also, when you collect points, your monster will grow stronger than other monsters. You can now easily kill other players and become the king of the game. This game is one of the best games you can play with your friends and loved ones. Strategy
You must use WASD to move your character. In addition, you must use the left mouse button to hit the enemies and the right mouse button for a strong punch stroke. You have to choose one of the canon grenades, the red rocket, the ambush box and the other power amplifiers. In the game you can try different costumes and scare your enemies. In order to be the leader in the leadership ranking, you must first collect the game boosters. Then you should not attack the weak people or strong but low-level players from you and increase the size of your character. As your character grows, you will not be able to kill other little enemies and become immortal.

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