bubla io

bubla io

About Bubla.io
Bubla.io is one of the best Agar.io alternatives. In the game there are many fun and exciting game modes such as crazy boots that are not available in other Agar.io games. It is the only Agar.io game with a top 50 players and top 50 wins, with an all-time and weekly leaderboard. Bublaio is an addictive multiplayer io game that can be played solo with friends or online players from all over the world. It has an unlocked and fully accessible version without delay. To date, 2 million people have played this game.

How to play Bubla.io?
The main modes in Bubla.io; There are many game modes like extreme bots, crazy self-feeding, teams, ultra merger, power merger, fast play and crazy boots.

1. Mouse (Motion)
2.W (Feed)
3. Space Bar (Division)

Bubla.io Strategy
There are a lot of games similar to Agar.io’s gaming engine, but Bubla.io may be considered the craziest. Amazing servers and modifications are beyond what they can imagine.

The main task of Bubla io players is to raise your cell as much as possible and absorb other players. You can use green spines or bitcoin-shaped spines to hide from larger enemies than you can and hide in their arches. If you want to break up a bigger player into smaller pieces, you should spit on the thorns and multiply them and break the enemy. The main feature of the game is that you have a more cumbersome cell as your cell grows, so small cells can exhibit lighter and more flexible movements.

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