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buildroyale io

About is a 2-dimensional fast paced survival themed battle game. This game features similar to other popular games such as and In a colossal armed conflict, you will face other players, the only goal is to be the last one to stand. You can start with only one pickaxe that can be used for mines, the mines you collect can then be spent to build walls to be protected while in battle. To win this game you have to think fast and keep moving, there’s a constantly shrinking storm on the playing field. To protect yourself, you should look for better weapons.

How to Play
E / F – Interaction with items and chests
Left click – Shooting with weapons
Right click – Target or change weapons
Q – Structure mode for creating walls
Space – Jump over walls and other obstacles
Shift – Running
R – Reload gun
Tab – View and manage your inventory
M – View map
The shotgun is used to fire a large number of bullets at a time and is good at close distance. SMGs quickly tighten the bullet, but the range is limited. Scar and AR-15 are medium-range weapons, but the AR-15 gives slightly less damage. The Scoped Assault Rifle is good for damage to medium and long ranges and has a longer scope than the normal assault rifle. The rifle has 3 shots, a great deal of damage and is perfect for long-range combat. Strategy
Before the start of the game, you can practice the building, play football or basketball, and interact with other people in the lobby, using 100 of each material in the lobby. When enough players are involved, you will start the game at a random point on the map. Then you have to collect the materials on the floor to open the chests and start destroying the opponents.

An important part of game is collecting material. Trees, tables, chairs give you wood, and rocks add bricks. A few items around the map give you metal, which makes it the rarest and most effective material. As the game progresses, don’t forget to check the map with M because the red storm zone will slowly collapse. If you catch the storm, your amount of life will be reduced as long as you stay in the storm, so you must leave the storm zone quickly. If you survive long enough, you can win the game with adequate building and shooting skills.

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