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candy crush friends saga


Candy Crush Friends Saga Game How to Play?
Destroy candy crush friends saga game by combining different colors and shapes. To complete each section of the screen before the end of the time shown on the top of the score given as a goal to collect points. The score given to you as a target appears in the TASK FOR NEXT LEVEL section. When you reach this point, you automatically switch to the next section. Your remaining time appears in the section that says TIME. The points you collect are in the SCORE section and in the LEVEL section of the game you are playing. If you blow as many candies as you can at the same time, you get more points in one go. At least 3 of the same candies must come side by side or overlap in order for the explosion to take place. In the same candy in a row of the same candy, this time it adds to the features of candy. The color and color of the sugars in that color is also changing. When the candies in this way explode, the row and column where the candy is located explodes. In this way, the importance of features is clearer. Play as candy crush friends saga by getting the candies to get bomb shape and other features and finish the game by completing all sections in the fastest way.

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