Cars Lightning Speed

Cars Lightning Speed

Cars Lightning Speed computer keys, A, S and pressing ENTER and mobile mobile phones by clicking on the right and left side of the screen is played. On the menu page, there are two options to become SINGLE and CAREER. Race against your opponents on a track you want with SINGLE. In the CAREER part, you must complete each race first and proceed to the next stage.

Play the game of cars without hitting the barriers, pits and grass piles on the road while racing. If you hit your opponents and get out of the way, your car will be damaged and your speed is running low. Repair your vehicle and improve its performance by collecting the tool bags on the road. Get the lightning speed characteristics by collecting yellow electrical signs. When you click on the ENTER button, your vehicle reaches the lightning speed and your vehicle can accelerate your opponents by 2 times faster.

Start the next race with a more powerful race car by raising your car's engine, wheels, ruggedness and lightning speed characteristics to the GARAGE.

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