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This game is a game of skillful fighters! Your self-confident has no business here. Whether you play alone or with your friend you will be addicted to this game. If you are ready for er Legends of Battle Tournament oy on İ Enter the menu with "PLAY" button. If you want to play single player, click on "STORY MODE" button and "VS MODE" button if you want to play with your friend. After you have made your settings, click "START!" Start the fight with the button. Key combinations are as follows: 1. PLAYER
Moving: "A, S, D"
Function: "W"
Attack: "G, H, J"
Jumping: "SPACE" (SPACE) 2. PLAYER
Moving: "LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT ARROW (DIR)" keys
Function: "UP ARROW" key
Atak: "Ş, İ, VİRGÜL" keys
Jump: "CTRL" Don't give your opponent as much space as possible. Stun him by making sudden and serial shots. You can use your special power when your "SPECIAL" indicator at the top of the screen is full. During the game, you can pause the game with the "ESC" or "P" key and return to the main menu. Come on, what's up!

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