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Counter Strike Terrorist

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Counter Strike Terrorist Game How to Play?
Counter strike terrorist game mouse, direction keys, TAB, 1, .., 9 keys, P, R, SPACE space release, C, and SHIFT keys are played with. Shoot the mouse. Use the cursor keys to move left or right. Choose the weapon with the keys 1, …, 9. P stops the game. R refills the magazine. C crouches or lies on the ground. Fast with SHIFT.

In the upper left corner of the screen, the number of enemy troops and the number of soldiers you kill appears to be completed in order to complete the division. At the bottom of the screen your health status is over 100. On the right side you can track the number of rounds left on your magazine. Play and destroy the counter strike terrorist game by completing and destroying individual enemy soldiers. It has 3 different venues. After finishing all the sections in each room, you can move to other places.

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