creatur io

creatur io

About is a new mass multiplayer browser game that takes and game concepts to the next level. You start the game as a creature and try to grow your character by eating the food that is scattered throughout the game. When your character grows up enough, you have the option to choose your new creature from the development table with several options. Using special powers to your character, you can surprise enemies and grow up to eat them. There is a small map at the bottom right of the game and you can easily see where the enemies are.

How to Play
You can change the look of your character before you start the game. These are the skin and pattern type, pattern color and body color of your character. You must use your mouse to steer your character. In addition, you can use the menu keys to use special powers for your character, or you can use the keyboard keys for those features. Remember that each special character has its own powers. With these features, you can eliminate many enemies and show your name to the leadership table. Strategy
Move with your mouse, sneak around behind other creatures and bite them into juicy pieces! You can use trees and shrubs to survive from strong opponents and live longer. Don’t let anyone catch you and bite you or you can lose all your points! Do not press on the fire (orange) or the poisonous (green) footprints, damage or damage to your creature. The ability to charge when your creator reaches an egg or a map limit is canceled.

Evolve and dominate. When you reach a certain audience, you can choose one of the active skills, which makes you stronger! Activate them with Q, W, E keys. Fly, hide your prey and hide under the ground and much more! Test different combinations of skills to create the final creature and dominate the ecosystem. Be brave but crafty.

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