cursors io

cursors io

About is a great multiplayer io game with unique turns. In this game, you control a retro mouse cursor and you must navigate a series of black and white mazes to get to the next level. Each level offers a different challenge and you can work with other players from around the world to advance and reach the next stage.

Cooperation is sometimes needed to help those in need and to avoid being selfish. You can play for yourself if you want and you can forget other players; But be warned, no one can help you when you need help with future levels! How far can you move with your cursor?

How to Play
To play the simple and fun game, use the mouse to move your character and watch after the actions of other players. You can also use WASD or arrow keys to work your way through the brave maze. Strategy offers a clever but wonderful gameplay that requires you to build productive strategies to advance through the difficult labyrinth and work harder to achieve a profit. To do this, however, you need to create teams with the rest of the party to find your way around, otherwise you’ll be stuck somewhere in the impossible labyrinthine network. Follow the path of the other players on your team and do what they do, beware of what you can’t do, and make sure you get to the higher level. It offers a great game that allows you to do some strategy work to get a win.

Cursor control game to reach the green field
Many challenging levels that require teamwork
Various obstacles and challenges to raise the level
You can draw lines in the game.

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