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About is another free io game based on the ocean. Since your main task is to rise in the food chain and dominate the ocean, it is possible to compare it with As a human being you start under water and aim to evolve into larger and stronger animals to increase your chances of survival.

How to Play
Your main task is to survive in the underwater world of his game, and since the people on the servers are already moving in the food chain, it won’t be that easy, but for beginners it’s worth mentioning that there are many foods around! Once you’ve eaten, your experience score at the bottom of the screen will begin to fill, and once you’re full, your character will often turn into a creature with new features. It is important that you have your eye in your oxygen, because animals such as seagulls cannot stay under the water forever, but in such cases they can fly over the water. One of the most important things to watch out for when playing the game is of the same kind, don’t be a bigger player than you can eat and this rule applies to sharks. Strategy
The controls are very simple, you use the mouse to steer and the spacebar to accelerate for a short time. This is a very useful feature to get in touch with your enemies or to close your end with your goal. In this game, you must surely escape from strong enemies. Because there are great differences in power and property between the animals in the food chain. But in the game you can attack a strong player attacked by more than one person. In this way, you will be able to level up quickly by collecting points quickly.

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