defly io

defly io

About is an io game that is a mixture of and splix style games. You start the game by flying a helicopter, then you try to destroy them by shooting at enemies during respectful duels in competition. Create walls to protect yourself and conquer as many zones as possible. Fill in empty spaces on the map to upgrade your planes and buildings. Use awesome super powers to defeat your enemies! How to Play?
You must select the image of your helicopter before starting the game. Then you can start the game by selecting the appropriate game mode. There are two types of game modes, one-on-one combat and team play.

Movement: WASD (or arrow keys)
Structure: Right Click or Space
Targeting: Mouse
Shoot: Left click
Level upgrade: Click skill or press 1-7 Strategy
Create a tower with a right click or a space, and connect them together. When you close a field, you will earn score points and level points. Walls block enemy shells and can be used to protect yourself, but your shells can pass through your walls! Protect yourself until you improve your level and destroy any attack. Expand your region and try to take over the entire map.

Use skills appropriately:

Player speed: Keeps you going faster.
Bullet speed: Bullets reach the enemy earlier
Bullet range: Allows bullets to go further.
Reload speed: Be able to shoot more often.
Build distance: It is very important to build quickly, but also to protect yourself by building walls in front of you during a battle.
Tower shield: Protect your towers with a shield
Tower HP: make sure you don’t want to be there.
You will be presented with 1 of 6 superpowers in 30 seconds at Level 20:

Dual shot: Amazing firepower
Speed boost: Allows faster movements to escape and get rid of the enemy.
Clone: Double the power of fire and surprise your enemy.
Flashbang: Makes your opponents’ screen white for a few seconds.
Teleport: Provides surprise attacks.
Shield: Reduces the enemy’s impact power.

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