devast io

devast io

About is a game created by LapaMauve, the creator of great io games like and This game is a survival game, but it is a 100% original game type because it looks like Starve io. You may also have noticed the radiation signal. A wave of radiation may come at any time, so you must be prepared.

Multiplayer Survival game
Day and night cycle
Tasks to be fulfilled
You can build various handcrafted items, even your own castle
Advanced 2D graphics
How to Play is an io game set in a post-apocalyptic world where nature takes back rights. Create a shelter and weapons and be prepared to secure your own food and protect yourself from this ruthless world.

WASD or arrow keys to move
Left click to hit
Shift to Accelerate
C skill and craft
M for map Strategy
Your goal in is to survive. You have some important indicators like food, water and energy. You should keep them at an appropriate level, otherwise your HP (can) level will begin to drop quickly as soon as one reaches zero. Then, first of all, you should learn how to reach enough food levels and water needs. Then you should burn a wood fire to avoid being affected by the cold weather during the night. After that you can start building a shelter to defend yourself and your teammates.

Click the inventory button in and let’s see. I have the following tabs:

Skills – You can increase your vision and inventory capacity by spending some skill points.
Crafts – Items that can be prepared manually and have no separate tabs
Outerwear – Hats, scarves and everything that makes you stronger
Building – Walls, doors and other parts to build a large shelter
Tools – Tools you currently have
Weapons – Weapons you currently have
Plants and seeds

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