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diep io

About Diep.io
Diep.io is one of the most popular online-played tank games. You start the game as a small tank, but you can improve and change your tank according to your taste. There are multiple options for the various tank characteristics such as maximum health level, bullet speed, bullet damage and others. As you increase to level, you will be able to level up your own tank when you have enough experience points. There are 6 different game modes in the game; everyone is the only war, the war of survival, the war with 2 teams, the war with 4 teams, the war of domination, the clan war, the maze war and the trial war.

How to Play Diep.io
In the world of Diep.io you control a tank and fire with bullets to defend yourself against other tanks. You can modify the attack and other features, but you will need sufficient experience points and level. At a level of 10, you get the option to change your overall tank and change the way you shoot / play. As with many other io games, there is a game leader board that displays players’ scores and a symbol of the type of tank they are currently using. New players can improve themselves by trying to play everyone in a single battle. It is highly recommended that you avoid as high a level of tank as possible as it can cause a lot of damage to new players.

Diep.io Strategy
Your Diep.io tank is located in the center of the screen. You can move or move the arrow keys to move to a place using the WASD keys. Your weapon gun follows your mouse pointer so you are targeting with the mouse. You can fire the ball using the left click or space bar. In this game, you must first gain a level by shooting various objects on the map. Because there are many different tank types and tank features in the game. This is why powerless tanks are often an easy target for powerful tanks.

When you believe you’ve developed your tank, you can fight other tanks, but some tanks can destroy you by using the power of their armor instead of shooting. So it is a great advantage to learn the properties of some tanks.

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