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About is an incredibly addictive, simple 2-dimensional ship battle game. Although it is very simple to look at the ship development system, it offers the option of upgrading and designing your boat in many different ways. You start the game as a simple and small boat with 2 ball shooting places. In the later stages of the game you have a chance to become a very feared warship.

How to Play
This game is a lot of fun because you can customize your ship in a different way every time until you find what’s best for you with different variations. You must attack and destroy enemy ships to collect the money that can be used to renovate your own boat. You can see the features that you can add to your ship in the upper left of your screen, but you must collect the money they are receiving to get these features. When your Xp (experience score) bar is full, you can add new extra add-ons to your ship or ship fleet. Strategy
In this game you can use the WASD or arrow keys to navigate and use the left click or space bar to throw balls. The F key is also used to make targeted shots for money. Each time you press the F key, you can lose a lot of money. Saving and collecting money in the game plays a very important role because you need money to improve your ship. You can collect the loot on the sea to collect money. When you play the game you will see many different features on the top left to improve your ship, you can get these features by combining them according to your purpose of creating your ship.

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