doomed io

doomed io

About is a new generation survival io game. For your character to survive, you must fight in a big open world and defend yourself against other players. You don’t have anything in the beginning so you should use your bare hands to pick up wood from nearby trees. You can then use these woods to create a pickaxe. After creating a pickaxe, you can develop using stone and other sources. When you pick up the material and level up, you can create new items and weapons and even create a base to protect yourself. Avoid attacking players and animals that you can’t beat easily, and work hard to increase your level of attack.

How to Play
Your goal in game is to get as many points as possible. You can start collecting some resources. You can only buy wood with your hands. Use the menu in the top left corner to build some tools, weapons and buildings. With digging you can get other sources (wood with higher efficiency). When you perform in-game actions, you’ll get level by XP points and time. With a new level you can upgrade one of your stage.

WASD – motion
Click – item selection, collection
Space – Jump
Shift – slow motion
Q – dropping items
Q + shift 10 items release
E – weapon hanging
R – delete the building Strategy
Be careful of the different environments around you, because some areas may damage you like lava. Keep collecting resources, building your base and protecting yourself from other players. You can build alliances with other players and build a base together. But you must be careful and pay attention to a possible betrayal! Find a nice quiet spot on the map and farm until the content of your heart. Also, don’t be afraid to run. Finally, you must hunt and collect food to protect your health and power. Can you survive wild and save yourself from apocalypse?

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