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driftin io

About Driftin.io
Driftin.io is a highly addictive racing and combat game. There are 6 types of vehicles that you can choose from different angles each. For example, some people are faster but have less lives. At the same time, all these tools have some special capabilities to suit your playing style. Only in the first 20 rounds will the players win the race will be able to destroy the other players!

How to Play Driftin.io?
As I mentioned before, in the game Driftin.io first 20 rounds will win the game. You earn points for each of the four skills, including maximum lifespan, lifecycle, movement speed and weapon damage (if you have a weapon) and the speed of the magazine change (again if you have a weapon). Some people focus on their gun or soul to cover more damage or kill more players, while others focus on others as an alternative to avoiding attacks and ending tours faster. Among these choices, any of them are not the best, so whichever is the most fun for you, play it that way!

Driftin.io Strategy
Your vehicle moves straight to where your mouse points. Simply press the spacebar to use your special ability and briefly press the left mouse button to increase your speed. Speed is very important in this game and helps players to earn points. In addition, if you hit walls on the map in the game, your speed is decreasing. In the game there are different vehicle types with different characteristics. So you have to test all the vehicles in the game and choose the most appropriate vehicle type for you. In this way, you can have the highest score in the game as well as enjoy the maximum game play in the game.

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