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About EvoWars.io
To summarize the EvoWars.io game, 3 words are enough; Fight, kill and thrive! Welcome to this game, the biggest battle arena. Each match starts as a simple caveman. At each level, your character grows and changes the skin and weapon! This process of evolution is based on points. To win points, you must kill rivals or collect precious metals on the map.

When you’re bigger, remember that you’re slower! You can hunt smaller opponents easily, but they are faster than you, so be careful not to miss them on the first hit, because you may not have a chance for another shot!

How to Play EvoWars.io
You must use the mouse pointer to move your EvoWars.io character. With the left mouse button you can hit the enemies. You can increase the speed of your character with the right mouse button, but this falls from your score.

After leveling in the game, your character automatically switches to a new class. This ranking goes briefly; caveman, viking, warrior, knight, musketeer, ninja, pirate, spartan, samurai, soldier, hooligan, cyborg, red monster, alien and thor.

EvoWars.io Strategy
Being big allows you to kill your rivals easier, it also slows you down. Little heroes can be fast and deadly for big guys! If you’re still small, try to focus on summable spheres, or approach speedy opponents with speed increases. If you are already great, try yourself to try and not miss any hits, otherwise your small enemy can appear on your side very fast.

The bigger you are, the slower you are, but your weapons range develops. The smaller you are, the faster you are, use your advantage! Large spheres give more experience than minors, but kills give the most. Don’t be afraid to lose experience for speed increase, it’s better than losing more than dying.

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