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About Flaap.io
After the disappearance of Flappy Bird, a very popular game, the clones came out in a few days, but no one can compare to Flaap.io! The new, improved version of Flappy Bird is now free and online! Unlike the original version, the Flaap.io multiplayer game means players from all over the world can compete in real time. Your task is to control a bird, try to fly without colliding between rows of green pipes of different heights. Players are obliged to click on the bird to make it fly, each click raises the bird a little more, sometimes more than 1 click to pass the pipe.

If you stop clicking – the bird falls and you lose. After passing a pipe, you will get 1 point, try to cross as many pipes as possible to earn multiple points and make the top of the rating list. What makes this game special is that you can see the birds of your other birds at the same time as other birds. One more amazing thing about Flappy.io is that when you score more than 10 points, the bird can turn into a new raised bird. There are 15 different conversion levels.

How to Play Flaap.io
Just use your mouse to control a bird, click continuously to help it fly. Every time you stop hitting the mouse, the bird falls to the ground. You can also play with your friends in Flaap.io, all you have to do is to share a link that will appear on the screen after clicking the gereken Play with a Friend ız button. Share the game on social media to open new skins.

Flaap.io Strategy
As for the Flaap.io strategy, the best bet for success is how to learn how to move the bird. Test your mouse by touching it to see how it moves and reacts. It is important to understand the game physics in such a way that bird movement (by simulating gravity) and mouse click continues.

Keep Calm and carry on! It’s an easy game to get angry, you fall many times before you know how to win, but don’t let it affect your performance.

Your goal in this game is to maneuver your bird through the labyrinth of pipes. The highest score of the players is shown on your screen, so you know how the others are and what score they are.

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