flyordie io

flyordie io

About is an io game, you must survive and thrive from one animal species to another. You will start the game as a mosquito and you will go through very different evolutions, no doubt a very fun game. is a game based on the strategy of cooking and evolution. We can call it a new or even 2. You start as a small fly and evolve to big and dangerous birds. You should just try not to lose.

How to Play
Put your name and start the game, start the game as a mosquito and you can see the energy of life, what you eat and the current score in the bar on the game screen. You can use WASD keys to move in the game or you can move using the arrow keys. You must use your mouse to fly. Find out what you can and what you can eat. When you eat enemies, you will earn points and go to the next big level. Be careful about hitting other players, because the enemy can have dinner or he can kill you. Go to the last evolution and earn a lot of points to position yourself in the first place.

The Strategy
The main purpose of is to eat, get points, level up and become a more advanced creature. On top you will see the main images of an XP bar, the upcoming animal and the animal you can eat. In fact, edible animals appear to be green and those that appear in red can eat you. Other players are neutral, you can’t attack them, they can’t attack you.

Try to remember the biology lessons after you become a new animal. For example, butterfly flies for flowers, everything smells good. Also, remember to keep the water level at a sufficient level. is a game where rules change when you evolve and buy a new animal. You should discover both the horizontal and vertical dimensions of the game. Wherever you go, try to find the water source. Each creature can fly because it can actually be called the game flying game! There are 3 creature groups; insects, small birds and large birds (such as falcon). Brown Falcon can even hunt pigs and cats

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