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About is a simple and popular game built on word prediction and drawing drawing. 100% online and free game! In each round, a player is selected to draw something for the other players to guess. After the points reach the goal, the winner is declared the first player. Gartic lets the player create his own room to play with his friends and choose from 6 themes. In summary, draw a picture, guess and win! How to Play? is a game that is very easy to play. Once one of the other players has been selected as a drawer, try to guess what the drawing is. Use the reply box to send your estimates. In addition, you can use the chat box to have fun and talk to other players. When you’re making your drawing, use the tools to create a better drawing from your hand! The more players the player finds, the more points you will earn. Strategy
While you draw the picture, you can send tips to help players find the word, but if you give too many hints, the players will get points from each correct guess. If someone else is drawing a picture in the game, try to find the word as fast as you can and get more points. Try to draw fast and do not spend too much time on the details. The important thing here is to help players find the word. Writing words, numbers or symbols in the game is not accepted and is prohibited by the game. Do not write anything on your drawing can be complained by other players and you can lose all the points you get in the next round.

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