glor io

glor io

About is a game built on the survival of the game by surviving and destroying enemies like many io games of the day. In this game you are building a castle or camp to survive and protect from your opponent. Since there is a clan system in the game, you can create your own team with your friends and fight against the enemies together. Fight for victory in the game in short!

How to Play
Collect raw materials and resources around you in, build walls for yourself and build doors for protection. Collecting eggs, killing animals, planting farms are the main functions of the game. Create Helpers; guards, villagers and mercenaries. Be wary of wolves and other players or they can kill you. You can create your own clan by using the kendi Create Party Connection ”button at the bottom of the page. After clicking on it, copy the link to the browser’s address bar and send it to your friends and play the game together. The more gold you have, the higher your leadership rank. You must build towers to produce and remove gold You can rent units to speed up your progress. Strategy
Use the WASD or arrow keys to advance in the game. You are using your mouse to look around. You can either press 1 to 9 to select buildings or select from the screen with the mouse. Left click mouse to attack enemies.

It’s an extraordinary chance to find a sad man.
You need to build more towers to stay on top of your leadership ranking.
Invite ”Create a party link“ at the bottom of the page to play with your friends.
Attack the enemy? Don’t forget to leave guards in the castle.
You can block enemy doors by building walls near enemy doors.
The number of wall blocks is limited, but you can build a fortress by building a fortress on the border of the world (the map).
If your mercenaries were killed during the war, you can create new ones instantly. Make sure you always have enough food for this.
Take good care of your villagers as higher-level troops use more resources.
Life stone saves you from life, but you lose all resources you collect.
If you’ve died and used the stone of life, don’t forget to build a new one!

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