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gota io

About has allowed to maximize the gaming experience. First, your cell moves at high speed. Second, there are many personification settings. Third, you can divide your cell into only two halves, but also three or more parts. Because this game is worth playing, developers did their best. The game does not contain any lag ie lag, we can enjoy it.

How to Play
In the siniz Servers uc menu, you can select any server you want. Different servers have different number of players. We also have experimental servers. There you can find different game upgrades that are not included in the main game. There’s a Megaserver for the team game. Capacity is 1000 people. Usually, more than 500 people are playing there at the same time. This is a BETA server; at the end of the list.

The cell follows the mouse
W key to shrink the cell
Space Bar to divide the cell
If you open the menu and define shortcuts, you can add extra keys to use to divide your cell into 3 or 4 pieces (Double split and Quad split) Strategy
The goal in is to have the largest cell and enlarge it. The size of the cell you can have is unlimited. You should eat the colored dots on different parts of the map and absorb smaller players. However, if you want to eat other players, you should catch them and this is the main point.

You get slower when you become bigger and it becomes more difficult to suck the other players. In this case, you can divide your cell into 2, 3 or 4 smaller pieces. So your cell becomes smaller and easier to catch the enemy. However, if your cells become smaller than enemy cells, enemies can eat you. Therefore, you should divide your cell only when you are sure of your victory.

When your cell is small, green and red barbed hoops are not dangerous to you. However, if your cell is larger than these circles, colliding with these circles can divide your cell into dozens of small pieces. Then, a large risk to be absorbed may occur. So, if you have other players soon, try not to get into these thorny circles. You will need some time to build a large structure on your cell’s pieces again. is really interesting, because there are many character appearances, you can personalize most features.

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