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helix jump


Helix Jump Game How to Play?
Helix jump is played with direction keys. You need to bring the blue bouncing ball down to the ground.
The tower is made up of layers. There is a gap between a layer and a lower layer. Use the arrow keys to drop the ball below this space. But you have to be careful. The bottom layer is full of traps. If you hit the ball in the different field you are burning and you need to start again. You need to steer the ball in the air using the direction keys even when the ball falls down. In this way, the ball must be placed on the same color as the top.
Some layers have blue diamonds. You also increase your score by collecting these diamonds. The number of diamonds you collect appears in the upper left corner of the screen. Collect all the diamonds and play the helix jump game without hitting the balls of different colors and get a new record every time.

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