hole io

hole io

About Hole.io
Hole.io is an online adventure game where you control the black hole that absorbs everything in your path and try to destroy other players by wandering around the city. You’ll start with a small hole, sift through objects such as mailboxes, street lamps, and even people who will increase the size of your holes.

In this game you compete against the time limit and other players. You suck other players more and you earn more points. You can suck smaller players than yourself, so choose a target and absorb all of them. Have fun!

How to Play Hole.io?
Hole.io is a different version of the Agar.io game where you suck up the color lumps, but you absorb the less of you. Your goal is to eat everything you meet on the road with your mouse control. You must remember that the black hole can be eaten by other black holes. Be careful of the other players in the hole, if you meet someone bigger than you, you might have a problem. Black hole game is a simple, funny and fun io game to play with friends or players from all over the world.

The Hole.io Strategy
Destroy the city as a powerful black hole in Hole.io! Whether it’s garbage cans, fire hydrants or other players, grow bigger by consuming everything that stands on your way. As you grow, you can eat bigger objects until you have nothing left! If the black hole is big enough, you can even consume the black holes of other players! This IO game is a super fun game for you to grow, eat and survive!

Check the black hole, eat everything in your way. The bigger the larger structures you can absorb. Pay attention to the size of the opponents. They can eat you.

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