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hordes io

About Hordes.io
Hordes.io is one of the most unique games we offer, the biggest difference being its 3D size and gameplay. You’re walking in this 3D environment and you’re defeating monsters, either by yourself or by teaming up with other players on the map.

How to Play Hordes.io?
You start by choosing one of the 4 classes in a smooth MMO world. These classes are warrior (tank), archer (long distance), magician (long distance) and healer (support). You start in a safe area with high-level guards and other players controlled by computers. Your mission as an adventurer is to destroy the evil creatures controlled by your computer and to level up to unlock new abilities and become stronger. As you get stronger, you’ll be able to kill lower-level enemies faster, and you’ll find increasingly powerful and brave enemies to the north (gradually increasing). To destroy your enemies and win with other players to win gold, you have to fight together.

Hordes.io Strategy
You manage your character with WASD keys, you can use your mouse to rotate the camera, you can also attack / help your enemies / alliances. Finally, your skills are in the 1-4 buttons, but you can also assign them to different keys after entering the game. In this game you can destroy your enemies by zooming in or out. But you must stay away from areas where the enemy archers are gathered, or the archers can easily kill you. If you are playing as a warrior, it will make sense to fight against the healer and other fighters. In addition, if you are a magician, killing your enemies is simplified but your chances of dying are increasing.

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