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Katana Fruits

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When far away pointy sword katana and exotic fruit combine, a very entertaining Fruit Slicing Game comes out. When it came out for mobile phones, millions of connected and enjoyable minutes spent in this game. Now you can play this game both in Turkish and for free on our mobile game site. The fruit from the bottom of the screen as if the bow has been thrown to the top of the screen. We will slide our fingers through the screen of our cell phone and slide the fingers like a sword. We must do this cutting while paying attention to bombs. If we can not cut the timetables on time, we will slip on the screen and we will go. Play the game As a game site, we made a privilege to the game and started the game with 6 rights. As you increase your score, you will have a lot of fruit to do combo, and it will start to be fun now. Good games.

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