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About is a great game where you will throw the ball on the water in a three-dimensional environment. You start in one of two teams separated by color, and you control a ship equipped with a cannon to destroy other ships. This game is fun to play with your friends or alone, and if you are skilled enough to destroy the fleets. However, you should know that there are giant pirate ships that are controlled by some artificial intelligence in the sea and that you can destroy with the cooperation of your entire team. There are also leadership rankings showing the top 10 players in the game.

How to Play
In order to be successful in, you need to get used to your ship’s control. When we first played, we had some difficulty moving your ball to attack, because you have to target it well before attacking someone. Team solidarity at sea is very important, a captain can only be as strong as his team, and randomly a player is selected as the captain in the teams you create. If the captain dies, as far as we know, there is nothing else he can do except to give you orders from the field of speech. Strategy
Use the WASD keys to move the ball on your ship so that your ship will turn in the same direction as you are, and you can fire your cannon with your mouse. Then you have to find enemy ships that aren’t stronger than you and improve the level of your weapons by killing them. Strong pirate ships often belong to very advanced players, so if you have low-level weapons, you should avoid large pirate ships. In addition to developing players’ weapons in the game, it is possible to buy your own ship by collecting enough gold. But to accumulate gold you have to be very successful in the game.

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