krunker io

krunker io

About is a counter strike-like battle game. Your aim in the game is to be the winner of the game by reaching all enemies and reaching the highest score by killing them during the specified game period. When you start this game, you must first choose one of the different classes of warriors. These warrior classes have different types of rifles and pistols. Warrior classes; Triggerman, Hunter, Run N Gun, Spray N Pray, Vince and Detective were presented to the players’ selections. There is only one type of game in which you fight as the only person in the game. Servers in different parts of the world to play the game smoothly in every region of the world was opened for players.

How to Play
Players have the freedom to make their own maps after selecting their own servers. Players can use the Settings page for display image quality and different settings.

Movement: W A S D
Gun Filling: R
Weapon: Left mouse button
Targeting: Right mouse button
Jumping: Spacebar
Squatting: Shift
Spray: F Strategy is a game that is quite easy to play but is a difficult game to play with. In order to understand which class you are better in the game, you must first play all classes and decide which one is good. Then you can be more effective against enemies by gaining extra points by opening a membership to yourself. Because the games are usually within a certain period of time, you must kill your enemies by paying attention to the time remaining in the game.

Enemies can fight against you by teaming up and you should play by paying attention to it. Players can start their own team by entering the team games and they can fight the other team. Players who do not like team battle can play in the game where everyone fights as one. The type of game where each player feels more successful is different, but the game type selection is assigned exclusively to the server and not to the players.

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