kugeln io

kugeln io

About Kugeln.io
Kugeln.io is a 2-dimensional multiplayer shooter io game played online. Up to 8 players on various maps you have to fight against death. In the game everyone has 3 different game modes, including single battle, team battle and flag capture game. You can choose one of these game modes or you can start to fight by entering the game randomly. If you want to fight together with your own friends, you can set up your own private war room.

How to Play Kugeln.io?
Many different map types are available in Kugeln.io. You can select these map types in the selection area before entering the game, or you can enter the game randomly. Fight everyone else on the map and win the highest score by anyone in one battle game. In team battle mode, there are two teams (red and blue) fighting each other. The team with the highest score wins. The team that sees the flag of the team against the team 3 times in a flag capture game wins the game. Once you start the game, you need to get the nearest weapon on the map, or the opponents can easily kill you. In the game there are heavy weapons such as pistols, shotguns, rocket launchers. When your life decreases, you must get the hearts that fill you in the game so you don’t die easily.

Kugeln.io Strategy
You can move your character right and left with A / D keys. To jump upward on the map, you must press the Spacebar button. Shoot with the left mouse button and use the knob on the right to climb with a knob. Press E when you are near to use machine guns. To replenish your weapon’s arsenal, map that weapon and take it again. Firing at them without getting too close to your enemies will always return to you as an advantage. Continuously controlling your bullet and the health of your character will play an important role in your game. Most importantly, try not to fall into the water because when you fall into the water, the sharks eat you.

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