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About is an io-like game like another, but instead of playing as a snake, you play as a glowing worm, and instead of your body, you’re killing other players with traces you leave behind. One of the good things about is that the size you have doesn’t mean you’re definitely going to be stronger. Even the smallest players can kill the highest score players with tactical games. There are many different kinds of games in the game and players can easily start the game by choosing any of these types of games.

How to Play
In the world of you start as a small and glowing worm, and by collecting food that comes automatically on the map or dropped by other players, you increase your size and become a bigger worm. As your size grows, your score increases and your ultimate goal is to be the number one in the leadership rankings, to show that other people shouldn’t be dealing with your worm skills! While you are accelerating to kill another player in this game, the tracks you left behind should coincide with their heads because in this way you can safely and easily kill other players thanks to the tracks you have left behind. Strategy
To steer your worm in this world, all you have to do is move your mouse pointer in that direction. You must click the left button of your mouse to accelerate and leave a dying mark behind you. In this game, it is very important to think fast and act, because the player can quickly make the first move to kill you. It is very important that you expand your character in the game. As your character grows, you gain speed and mass advantage over other players, but that doesn’t mean you’ve won everything.

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