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About is a dynamic game in a vibrant world where various entertaining creatures live. In this game you can choose many different types of live and join the game. You can improve your skills, improve the collection of your character’s skin, and earn achievements and titles. You can play in the same game with your friends and you can do much more. If you open a membership in the game, you can have some alternative features compared to non-members. A real MMO game that evolves and grows with new features.

How to play
You start the game session as a little worm, and you need food to grow. When your worm grows, you become a great snake that swallows everything and surrounds others. Watch out for your snake’s head, because if your head crushes you, you’ll be food for other players. It is impossible to stand in the game and you must be prepared for any action as your character is constantly on the move. In the lower right part of the game, the energy amount of your character is displayed in yellow color. In addition to the amount of energy, there is a speedometer showing the speed of the snake. In the game there is a market system and level jump system. The more points you collect in the game, the faster your character develops. Strategy
To accelerate, you only need a mouse with a strategy and a single button. A keyboard is a game that is not needed, so you can play the game easily even when your hand is away from the screen. In the game you have to apply the strategy of growing your snake by collecting enough feed. If you play the game as a fly, you won’t be able to kill snakes, but you’ll be less likely to feed them. When you’re a snake or a fly, you have to use your character’s speed and energy level in a balanced way, because it’s going to help your business while destroying your enemies.

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