Mahjong matching game consists of 36 easy and hard parts. The divisions are becoming more and more fun from easy to hard. We need to clean the domino pieces on the screen as soon as possible. There are different colors and different shapes on the stones. In the same figure and the same picture there are two dominoes. When we find these stones and click on their superiors, they disappear. So we have the opportunity to play the other pieces on the screen.

They can be selected if the right or left sides of the stones are empty. If both sides are full, they cannot be selected if there are other domino pieces around them. With each domino stone we destroy, we make another stone selected.

If you do not move to move the domino stone on the right side of the screen by clicking the button at the top of the stones are re-arraying. We can get a tip by clicking the button with a question mark. Click on the Play button to restart the section. Play mahjong matching game and improve your skill by completing all 36 different sections in the game.

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