mobg io

mobg io

Check out the game, the new battle royale io game now! Get into the battlefield, take your weapon and fight until you’re the last one to survive. How long can you survive in battle?

First of all, in the game, you have to play in basic mode where you don’t have anything. When you run on the ground, you can see extras such as armor, weapon, health package. You must use your mouse to get them. Use your weapon to kill others. Another fact is that a red toxic area will reduce the map simultaneously, so your enemy will approach you. Use your armor to protect yourself. You will earn bonus health by killing others. In this case you have to survive.

How to Play
Control your character with the mouse and shoot with the left click or space bar. When your enemies are away from you, you can run by pressing the right button of your mouse or by pressing the W button.

There are 2 slots for your weapons. So, you have to choose them wisely. You can change your weapons using the mouse wheel or by pressing the Q button. Also, each weapon has a limited number of rounds. Therefore, players must check the number of rounds and not waste them before firing at enemies. You can use the small map in the game to see your own location. Strategy
Take your weapons and chase your enemies. Watch out for the shrinking red zone! Stay alive in the safe zone and empower your opponents by gathering boosters on the map to get the advantage.

You can choose your skin color to play.
Armor and health package should be used for further survival.
The map is full of different weapons.
Enemies will hide behind the trees, so you must be very careful.
The area occupies a toxic layer area to make it smaller over time.
Surprisingly it is a web browser game because you don’t have to worry about your computer’s operating system, it is to play the game. I mean, you can play anywhere you want. Also, the game is available in the android version app.

Remember, there will be only one survivor of the war. Can you stand as the last man?

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