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About is one of the most popular io games recently. In this game you start by writing a character name. There are servers in different locations in the game. You can see the number of players in these rooms according to it you can choose the room you want. Strengthen your enemies by leveling up your character and setting up your own fortress. You can fight against your enemies with different kinds of weapons. With the clan system you can set up your own team in the game or you can work with others by entering the team. How to Play?
Once you have selected your character, you start the game. To improve your character and build your castle, you must collect some raw materials. Raw materials in the game are listed as gold, food, wood and stone. To collect gold, you must hit the object made of gold. In addition, it is possible to increase the amount of gold by setting up the windmill. To increase the amount of food, you must hit fruit trees or cacti-like objects. You can increase the amount of wood from the trees. To increase the amount of stones, just hit the stones. When your raw materials reach a sufficient level, you can start building your own castle. In the game there are two different types of walls. There is also an object that can be seen as a door to make a door to your castle. Strategy
You can move your character with WASD keys. Use the left mouse button to hit enemies and other objects. With the E key you can activate the automatic knocking feature. There are many different types of weapons in the game to destroy your enemies. Some of these weapons can be listed as follows; katana, hammer, hand ax, big ax, bow, shield and short sword. With Katana, you can hit your far enemies more easily and lower their meals. It will be easier to kill because their food levels will not increase when they fall. However, if you have a high amount of food you can fight against enemies more firmly.

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