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About is a survival game in a two-dimensional and colorful environment. You start off as a mouse and try to get the experience points by eating the nuts and placing them at the top of the food chain. Your task is to survive, and you must avoid predators to keep doing so and continue to rise in the food chain.

How to Play
As we mentioned before, you start at the bottom of the food chain as a mouse, by eating nuts, gain experience points, and become different creatures. While your friends and task objects are shown with green lines, dangerous players are shown in red lines and you should try to avoid them as a new player! Even if you have to eat nuts to rise in the food chain, you need to meet your water needs by consuming the blue bubbles that appear around the puddles (larger blue bubbles). If you walk around the water, it is consumed more slowly if you run through it slowly. Strategy player controls are made with your mouse, remember that if you are larger than your character, certain objects may slow or block your movement. For example, when you are first born, you cannot eat mushrooms or go through them, so it is better to go around them. You can accelerate in the game and you can accelerate by pressing and holding the space bar, but don’t forget that it consumes water! So before you attack your enemies or before helping your friends, you should pay attention to the amount of water in your character. This way you can avoid possible points losses and increase your chances of being the first in the game.

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