mutilate a doll 2

mutilate a doll 2

mutilate a doll 2 Game How to Play?
Cripple mutilate a doll 2 game featuring menus on the right and left upper side of the screen. You don't need to use the menu that says MAIN on the left. Play it crippled meat 2 using the menu on the right.

Now let us explain this menu briefly. It consists of 4 buttons. When you click on the red X at the top, the man comes back to you. So you start again. Click the yellow button to stop the game at the moment. The third is the TOOLS menu. So is the tools menu. Here you can choose other tools to use. But our advice is that you don't need to use this menu.

The most important and most used menu is the last menu. Let's explain this in more detail than others. There are about 35 attack vehicles. Select these attack tools first and then click on the man with the mouse click on the screen. The more often you click, the greater the severity of attack. You're electrocuting a man here, exposing him to a bee attack. There are 35 different types of attack. Try each one of these tools one by one, crush him and play 2 games and relieve yourself by throwing your daily stress on this guy.

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