n00b io

n00b io

About N00b.io
N00b.io is a gorgeous io game that reveals the world of Minecraft style with unlimited pixel graphics. Each class has its own group of weapons and equipment, you can choose from a number of different warrior classes, so choose a class that you fight the most. You aim to capture the world in a simple way. Grab the big children, being a n00b! N00b.io has the same rules as agar.io, but in an FPS style: when you damage other players, you get more HP, the bigger you are, the harder it will be to kill.

N00b.io How to play?
First of all, you are born on the map in a random way, you are going around and try to find good weapons as soon as possible because encountering other players can be dangerous! Lubricate the weapons you found and open your inventory to use your weapon and then click ın Use Bul. You can also drag on one of the 5 shortcuts to change your weapons faster by type of weapon.

WASD to give direction to the player
Mouse to aim
SPACEBAR to jump and jump
F, to open the stock, to get items and items,
ENTER to chat.

N00b.io Strategy
The best way to fight other players is to hide until you get at least one good weapon with enough rounds to get ready for the fight! If you are firing a bullet, try to move and jump as much as you can, making it more difficult for other players to target you. Once you have found a weapon, your fighting strategy will depend on the type of weapon you are using. After winning a fight, the enemy will drop his backpack and contain all the items he has plundered! So you’ll be stronger and stronger in every fight.

There are cars around the map! They will be very useful to find a faster place. Some parts of the map have better slots, so if you find a car, get inside and reach those warm areas, be careful, people try to chase you and try to steal your car and areas can fill up with a large number of players.

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