narwhale io

narwhale io

Do you like sea rhinos? Do you like fighting with the sword? Would you like to use the horns of sea rhinos and fight against other sea rhinos? The concept of the game is quite simple but a lot of fun. I’ve been playing the game for half an hour, and I’ve already become addicted to the game. The map of the game is relatively small, which means tons of action. While 20 players are targeting you, you may never find a moment to breathe.

How to Play
The goal of the game is simple, slice the other marine rhinos before slice yourself. When you kill every enemy, you gain a lot of permanent features such as movement speed, a stronger horn, faster turning, more durability and more. If the horns of other sea rhinos are worth it, you should be careful because you will be cut, but you will be removed from each other automatically when you touch each other outside your horn. Strategy

In everything is controlled with your mouse. Your character is moving in the direction your mouse is pointing and you can move to your enemies with the left click. Most players in the game want to attack and kill the winner of the game. If you can kill the winner of the game, you increase your chances of having the highest score and you can have more features. Because in the game you score points in the ratio of the players you earn. Speed and agile behaviors are very important in the game, so you must stay as far away from your enemies as possible.

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