oceanar io

oceanar io

About Oceanar.io
In the Oceanar.io game, you start as a lonely angler fish by trying to build a fish army that will dominate the entire ocean. The game is pretty simple, but it’s pretty addictive to destroy armies of enemies by yourself or with the reborn army of your mother who you’ve killed before, but you join your army.

How to play Oceanar.io?
You start the Oceanar.io game as a small, lonely and weak fish, similar to the goals of other io games. The only hope to increase your chances of survival is to eat other fish and add them to your army. Because the game is open to all, you should avoid large fishes, because the number is very important in this world. Start with the fish in small groups and then head to the sea-mothers to win nice bonuses. After creating a reasonable amount of army, you can attack smaller fish groups to increase your score and prove your dominance in the water.

Oceanar.io Strategy
Control your fish with your mouse, left click to attack and right click to combine your smaller groups of fish are used. In this game, you can add different animals in the sea to your army. Enlarge your army and improve them. Because the main fish with how much feed you collect, your fish army will grow. When the number of fish in the game increases you can combine them by pressing the space key. Thus, your fish will be stronger and larger. Remember, after you have a few fish following you, attack them to attack and do not leave your main fish defenseless!

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