Oh Hell

Oh Hell

When the Oh Hell game screen comes up, click on the NEW GAME button on the MENU page in the top left corner. The paper in the lower left corner of the screen is designated as KOZ. Specify how many numbers to take from the blue numbers that appear on the screen.

Your papers appear at the bottom of the screen. You can click on the cards to throw the cards on the table. Click the TRICK WON BY ME - CLICK TABLE TO CONTINUE button to give the winner the winning side. Whoever collects the most paper at the end of the 10th round wins that person.

You were saying a number you could win at every hand. If you win as much as the number you say at the end of the hand or missing more than exactly, you earn an extra 10 points. Let's say you started with hand 3 as you can get. If you win 3 points at the end of the hand, the additional 10 points give you a game and you get 13 points in total. If you get 2 or 4 points, you only get as many points as you win. The first one who reaches the 101 number he won the batak game. You can follow the trumps in each hand to get the exact number you can get full and play the swamp. In this way, you can reach the number 101 more quickly.

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