pacman io

pacman io

Do you still remember the legendary PacMan game? If you like Pac-Man and retro games, you'll go crazy for! PacMan is a Japanese platform game developed by Namco. It became very popular and is the iconic game today. Your task is easy. You control the mouth and the yellow wheel. Eat all the yellow points and avoid the maze guards. It is definitely a fun game! Eat yellow dots and fruits and try to be as big as possible. Big PacMan eats the little one! Enjoy the world of PacMan now online! Have fun.

How to Play
In this game, you take control of our hero PacMan. As always, you must move on the plain and collect the pellets on the floor. The more you eat these lumps, the bigger the size.

The controls of the game are very simple and you are directing your character with your mouse. Press the left mouse button or the space bar to increase the speed. You should also avoid ghosts that are clearly moving on the map. There is another danger, because other players may want to eat you. You can eat them if you are bigger than other players. Avoid them at all costs, but if you're smaller, you can beat yourself! This game brings a fun multiplayer touch to the classic PacMan game.

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